About Artal International

Our Team

Our experienced investment team includes

Ali al Muttawa

With 22 years of experience working with multinational corporations, Ali has a proven track record in setting up new businesses and working across various sectors

Sreekanth Krishnamoorthy

with 25 years of exposure in corporate, commercial and retail banking and financial services sector, Sreekanth, has hands on exposure on product development, business strategy, Advisory & investments and business development with multinational & local banking financial organisations.

Rashid Al Kalbani

A passionate person with 23 years of experience and a solid history in managing business opportunities and setting up companies. He has worked and collaborated with a very diverse group of clients and investors, enriching the business network both locally and internationally.

Outsourced Consultants/Experts

In addition to our core investment and advisory team, Artal International works closely with a network of highly skilled outsourced consultants from diverse business sectors across global markets. These professionals bring valuable expertise and international market knowledge to our investment process, ensuring that our clients benefit from a comprehensive and well-rounded perspective.

Our outsourced consultants include experts in the following sectors:

We strongly belief in collaborations are more successful than re-inventions, thus with associations with these industry specialists, we are able to stay abreast of emerging trends, identify new investment opportunities from green field and brown field segments, and provide our clients with unparalleled access to the most promising ventures in Oman and the GCC countries.
This collaborative approach allows us to offer a more comprehensive product suits and tailored investment experience, that are designed to help our clients achieve their financial objectives in a dynamic and competitive market landscape.